Previewing the 2014 NFL Season on the Gridiron!

The 2014 NFL Season is tentatively set to start on September 4th 2014 with annual kick off game pitting Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks against Green Bay Packers. This will be the 95th season in history of National Football League. The 2014 season will conclude with a Super Bowl XLIX league championship game   on February 1, 2015. The game will be played in Glendale, Arizona at University of Phoenix Stadium.


Jadeveon Clowney

NFL Draft for 2014 took place in May 2014 at New York City. The process started off with NFL Scouting Combine where team personnel evaluated the eligible players. It was held at Indianapolis between February 19 and 25. The non- seniors in this draft were a record 98. Although it will not affect 2014 NFL Season, the draft was delayed for around 2 weeks compared to usual position on the NFL calendar -late April- because of scheduling inconsistency at the usual venue for draft, Radio City Music Hall.

In that draft, Jadeveon Clowney of University of South Carolina who currently is back liner was chosen as first overall selection. There was a discussion before the draft about its future at New York, its venue from 1965.

A number of participants believe that since there is more interest in draft in the past 10 years, the event has outgrown Radio City Music Hall that has hosted the last nine drafts. There was also a discussion about the option to extend draft to 4 days. The conclusion was that NFL will make a decision about the date and venue for 2015.


For this 2014 NFL Season, training will take place in July and continue to August. Teams can start training camp but should not be over fifteen days ahead of first pre-season game.

Before regular season begins, every team will participate in at least 4 pre-season (exhibition) games. Preseason schedule begins with NFL Hall of Fame Game on August 3rd evening. Hall of Fame is a game is part of tradition at the weekend when Pro Football Hall of Fame induction new entrants are celebrated.

It is held at the Fawcett Stadium that is situated next to Ohio’s Hall of Fame building. Before 2014 NFL Season this game will be broadcasted on NBC. It will feature Buffalo Bills and New York Giants.

The current trend of scheduling teams linked to former players getting inducted to Hall of Fame continues as the 2014 class has Michael Strahan who played as defensive end for Giants and Andre Reed, a former wide receiver at Bills. Other players to be inducted to Hall of Fame include:

  • Derrick Brooks-Linebacker
  • Ray Guy-Punter
  • Claude Humphrey-Defensive end
  • Walter Jones-Offensive tackle
  • Aeneas Williams –Defensive back

Preseason schedule of 65 games wraps up on August 28. This is one week ahead of regular 2014 NFL Season.

Regular season

2014 NFL regular season features 256 games. These will be played over a 17 week schedule. Every team among the 32 in this league will play 16 games schedule. A bye week is scheduled for every team between the fourth ad twelfth week. The slate has 17 games for Monday night including a double header in the opening week of the season. Another 17 games will go down on Thursday. This includes the National Football League Kickoff game on September 4th prime time. At last glance, the Green Bay Packers are slight favorites over the Seahawks as put out by bookie 365bet. Three games are scheduled for Thanksgiving Day.  This schedule still has two games to be played on December 20th in the sixteenth week of the season.

Regular 2014 NFL Season will end on December 28 with 16 games. All of these games are the intra divisional match-ups.

Scheduling formula

Under existing NFL scheduling formula, each participating team will meets other 3 teams in its division two times. Besides, a team will play against all the 4 teams in 1 division from the conferences. The last two games for each team is against 2 teams from its own conference but from divisions that it was not scheduled to play but finished preceding season in similar rank in their respective divisions. This means that the first team in a division on the preceding season will play the team that topped its own division but is in the same conference.

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Well that’s it from here. Now it’s time to be a couch potato come Sunday for the next 4 months!